All short players in United_kingdom

Current and historical positions

Adg Trading Llp (6 positions)
Aek (uk) Limited (39 positions)
Ahl Partners Llp (936 positions)
Ako Capital Llp (1008 positions)
Aub Limited (2 positions)
Adelphi Capital Llp (177 positions)
Albar Capital Limited (16 positions)
Algert Global Llc (36 positions)
Alken Luxembourg S.a. (6 positions)
Almitas Capital Llc (3 positions)
Alphagen Capital Limited (731 positions)
Amber Capital Uk Llp (2 positions)
Anchor Bolt Capital Lp (51 positions)
Arena Investors Lp (3 positions)
Armistice Capital Llc (5 positions)
Athanor Capital Lp (25 positions)
Bg Master Fund Plc (64 positions)
Bnp Paribas Sa (257 positions)
Btg Pactual Europe Llp (29 positions)
Bank Of Montreal (1 position)
Barclays Capital Inc (7 positions)
Basso Holdings Ltd. (20 positions)
Bennbridge Ltd (70 positions)
Blackrock Advisors Llc (10 positions)
Blau Gmbh (89 positions)
Bocage Capital Llc (86 positions)
Bodenholm Capital Ab (55 positions)
Brightsphere Inc. (94 positions)
Bybrook Capital Llp (18 positions)
Cigogne Management (17 positions)
Cpmg Inc. (30 positions)
Cqs (uk) Llp (334 positions)
Cz Capital Llp (340 positions)
Caius Capital Llp (6 positions)
Capeview Capital Llp (542 positions)
Carlson Capital L.p. (14 positions)
Carlson Capital Uk Llp (207 positions)
Carmignac Gestion (135 positions)
Carve Capital Ab (26 positions)
Caxton Europe Llp (18 positions)
Citadel Advisors Ii Llc (178 positions)
Citadel Advisors Llc (1256 positions)
Citadel Europe Llp (2204 positions)
Citadel Securities Llc (20 positions)
Clearance Capital Ltd (58 positions)
Clinton Group Inc (65 positions)
Coatue Management L.l.c. (162 positions)
Cologny Advisors Llp (3 positions)
Corvex Management Lp (2 positions)
Covalis Capital Llp (10 positions)
Crewe Ltd. (17 positions)
D. E. Shaw & Co. Lp (309 positions)
D1 Capital Partners Lp (105 positions)
Dsam Partners (80 positions)
Delores Holdings Ltd. (7 positions)
Ejf Capital Llc (2 positions)
Eleva Capital Sas (18 positions)
Ems Capital Lp (7 positions)
Eaton Vance Corp. (8 positions)
Egerton Capital (uk) Llp (110 positions)
Eminence Capital Lp (132 positions)
Engadine Partners Llp (258 positions)
Exane Asset Management (25 positions)
Fvp Master Fund L.p. (18 positions)
Ferox Capital Llp (16 positions)
Fest N.v. (67 positions)
Fresco S.r.l. (7 positions)
Glg Partners Lp (4449 positions)
Gmt Capital Corp (255 positions)
Gsa Capital Partners Llp (1343 positions)
Guevoura Fund Ltd (88 positions)
Glenernie Capital Ltd (2 positions)
Governors Lane Lp (3 positions)
Greenvale Capital Llp (89 positions)
Hbk Investments L.p. (32 positions)
Horizon Asset Llp (2 positions)
Hound Partners Llc (86 positions)
Hunt Lane Capital Lp (9 positions)
Immersion Capital Llp (57 positions)
Indar Capital Llp (2 positions)
Intertrader Ltd (3 positions)
Investec Bank Plc (6 positions)
Jana Partners Llc (23 positions)
Jane Street Group Llc (160 positions)
Joho Capital Llc (19 positions)
Kcg Europe Limited (1 position)
Kuvari Partners Llp (179 positions)
Kintbury Capital Llp (77 positions)
Kynikos Associates Lp (100 positions)
Lmr Partners Llp (67 positions)
Legg Mason Inc. (2 positions)
Linden Advisors Lp (44 positions)
Lone Pine Capital Llc (362 positions)
Luminus Management Llc (17 positions)
Luxor Capital Group Lp (86 positions)
Manikay Partners Llc (7 positions)
Mackay Shields Llc (4 positions)
Maplelane Capital Llc (12 positions)
Marshall Wace Llp (9134 positions)
Maverick Capital Ltd. (282 positions)
Medallion Fund L.p. (2 positions)
Menta Capital Llc (6 positions)
Meritage Group Lp (9 positions)
Morgan Stanley (2 positions)
Morton Holdings Inc. (46 positions)
Natixis (13 positions)
Ninety One Uk Ltd (3 positions)
Numen Capital Llp (2 positions)
Numeric Investors Llc (541 positions)
Odey Asset Management Llp (2042 positions)
Omni Partners Llp (30 positions)
Occitan Master Fund Lp (11 positions)
Oxford Asset Management (636 positions)
Pdt Partners Llc (64 positions)
Panmure Gordon (6 positions)
Passport Capital Llc (9 positions)
Paulson & Co. Inc (2 positions)
Pointstate Capital Lp (96 positions)
Polar Capital Llp (322 positions)
Praxient Capital Llp (2 positions)
Quantatative Ltd (4 positions)
Quartys Limited (54 positions)
Qvt Financial Lp (6 positions)
Rye Bay Capital Llp (130 positions)
Ramius Advisors Llc (25 positions)
Roble S.l. (57 positions)
Royal Bank Of Canada (2 positions)
Scge Fund L.p. (33 positions)
Sfm Uk Management Llp (253 positions)
Sturgeon Ventures Llp (26 positions)
Syquant Capital (80 positions)
Saemor Capital B.v. (43 positions)
Samlyn Capital Llc (35 positions)
Sandabel Capital L.p (3 positions)
Sculptor Capital Lp (29 positions)
Sessa Capital Im L.p. (14 positions)
Shaun Cregan (2 positions)
Slate Path Capital Lp (16 positions)
Squarepoint Ops Llc (270 positions)
Starboard Value Lp (5 positions)
Stephen James (2 positions)
Tig Advisors Llc (7 positions)
Timf Lp (14 positions)
Tt International (629 positions)
Theleme Partners Llp (10 positions)
Third Point Llc (45 positions)
Tremblant Capital Lp (49 positions)
Tyrus Capital S.a.m. (3 positions)
Ubs Ag (2 positions)
Ubs O'connor Llc (23 positions)
Ubs O'connor Limited (120 positions)
Vtb Capital Plc (1 position)
Valinor Management Lp (40 positions)
White Elm Capital Llc (2 positions)
Whitebox Advisors Llc (185 positions)
Worldquant Llc (2881 positions)
Xaia Investment Gmbh (6 positions)
Ya Global Master Spv Ltd (118 positions)
Zbi Equities L.l.c. (9 positions)
Zimmer Partners Lp (4 positions)