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Summary for all available positions:
Earned 5.33 million on Netent Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -16.24 million on Arjo Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 28.08 million on Ica Gruppen Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 14.35 million on Skanska Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 130.87 million on Getinge Ab (history)
Lost -97.93 million on Swedish Match Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -84.05 million on Alimak Group Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -6.72 million on Scandic Hotels Group Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -29.74 million on Husqvarna Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 2.07 million on Alfa Laval Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 5.95 million on Castellum Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -12.75 million on Boliden Ab (history)
Earned 3.78 million on Securitas Ab (history)
Earned 59.71 million on Ica Gruppen Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -40.23 million on Arjo Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -31.25 million on Getinge Ab (history)
Earned 44.58 million on Sas Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 10.89 million on Gränges Ab (publ) (history)
Earned 14.74 million on Billerudkorsnäs Ab (publ) (history)
Sum: 1.41 million SEK

Note: Ongoing positions are updated after the stock exchange is closed. To see todays changes, see active positions.

Ica Gruppen Ab (publ)Sum change: 59.71 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-12-132020-02-10421.20400.000.8%1,609,17634.11 M SEK
2.2019-12-122019-12-12424.80421.200.79%1,589,0615.72 M SEK
3.2019-11-292019-12-11422.00424.800.81%1,629,291-4.56 M SEK
4.2019-11-062019-11-28423.30422.000.71%1,428,1441.86 M SEK
5.2019-10-242019-11-05433.70423.300.62%1,247,11112.97 M SEK
6.2019-10-232019-10-23433.90433.700.59%1,186,7670.24 M SEK
7.2019-10-222019-10-22435.00433.900.6%1,206,8821.33 M SEK
8.2019-10-032019-10-21443.60435.000.5%1,005,7358.65 M SEK
9.2018-10-172018-10-17276.60278.300.5%1,005,735-1.71 M SEK
10.2018-10-022018-10-05280.60277.700.5%1,005,7352.92 M SEK
11.2018-08-292018-09-26277.30279.100.5%1,005,735-1.81 M SEK

Arjo Ab (publ)Sum change: -40.23 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-10-152020-04-0241.3648.780.78%1,982,386-14.71 M SEK
2.2019-10-042019-10-1435.8441.360.82%2,084,046-11.50 M SEK
3.2019-07-092019-10-0342.3035.840.99%2,516,10516.25 M SEK
4.2019-07-032019-07-0843.2642.301.09%2,770,2572.66 M SEK
5.2019-05-092019-07-0235.2643.261.19%3,024,409-24.20 M SEK
6.2019-05-022019-05-0835.2035.261.21%3,075,239-0.18 M SEK
7.2019-02-042019-05-0132.6035.201.13%2,871,918-7.47 M SEK
8.2018-11-232019-02-0131.3532.601.09%2,770,257-3.46 M SEK
9.2018-07-132018-11-2232.2031.351.1%2,795,6722.38 M SEK

Getinge AbSum change: -31.25 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-10-042019-10-25135.05155.200.51%1,296,175-26.12 M SEK
2.2019-09-202019-09-20141.05142.550.5%1,270,760-1.91 M SEK
3.2019-09-172019-09-18134.75141.800.5%1,270,760-8.96 M SEK
4.2019-09-132019-09-13131.55135.800.52%1,321,590-5.62 M SEK
5.2019-08-132019-09-12138.45131.550.6%1,524,91210.52 M SEK
6.2019-07-312019-08-12139.10138.450.5%1,270,7600.83 M SEK

Sas Ab (publ)Sum change: 44.58 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-02-272019-02-2723.3623.420.51%37,056,803-2.22 M SEK
2.2019-02-222019-02-2623.4423.360.69%50,135,6754.01 M SEK
3.2019-02-152019-02-2123.8023.440.76%55,221,90319.88 M SEK
4.2019-02-012019-02-1424.1823.800.83%60,308,13022.92 M SEK

Gränges Ab (publ)Sum change: 10.89 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-02-222019-03-2697.3592.500.59%627,2233.04 M SEK
2.2019-02-122019-02-2193.7097.350.66%701,639-2.56 M SEK
3.2019-02-052019-02-1194.5593.700.79%839,8410.71 M SEK
4.2019-02-012019-02-0486.7594.550.84%892,996-6.97 M SEK
5.2019-01-112019-01-3180.4586.750.72%765,425-4.82 M SEK
6.2019-01-102019-01-1082.0080.450.61%648,4851.01 M SEK
7.2018-08-222019-01-09109.9082.000.52%552,80715.42 M SEK
8.2018-05-152018-08-21119.40109.900.5%531,5455.05 M SEK

Billerudkorsnäs Ab (publ)Sum change: 14.74 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2018-10-242018-10-30109.33112.600.58%1,440,430-4.72 M SEK
2.2018-10-172018-10-23114.00109.330.62%1,539,7707.19 M SEK
3.2018-10-112018-10-16123.88114.000.5%1,241,75012.26 M SEK

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