Glg Partners LpSweden

Summary for all available positions:
Earned 5.33 million on Netent Ab (publ) (history)
Lost -17.41 million on Arjo B (history)
Earned 27.07 million on Ica Gruppen (history)
Earned 14.41 million on Skanska B (history)
Earned 130.87 million on Getinge B (history)
Result is 0,00 million on Swedish Match Ab (history)
Lost -28.75 million on Alimak Group (history)
Lost -6.72 million on Scandic Hotels Group (history)
Lost -29.35 million on Husqvarna B (history)
Earned 2.07 million on Alfa Laval (history)
Lost -176.36 million on Castellum (history)
Lost -13.73 million on Boliden Ab (history)
Earned 2.90 million on Securitas B (history)
Earned 59.71 million on Ica Gruppen (history)
Lost -43.12 million on Arjo B (history)
Lost -31.25 million on Getinge B (history)
Earned 44.58 million on Sas (history)
Earned 10.89 million on Gränges (history)
Earned 11.44 million on Billerudkorsnäs (history)
Sum: -37.43 million SEK

Note: Ongoing positions are updated after the stock exchange is closed. To see todays changes, see active positions.

Ica GruppenSum change: 59.71 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-12-132020-02-10421.20400.000.8%1,609,17634.11 M SEK
2.2019-12-122019-12-12424.80421.200.79%1,589,0615.72 M SEK
3.2019-11-292019-12-11422.00424.800.81%1,629,291-4.56 M SEK
4.2019-11-062019-11-28423.30422.000.71%1,428,1441.86 M SEK
5.2019-10-242019-11-05433.70423.300.62%1,247,11112.97 M SEK
6.2019-10-232019-10-23433.90433.700.59%1,186,7670.24 M SEK
7.2019-10-222019-10-22435.00433.900.6%1,206,8821.33 M SEK
8.2019-10-032019-10-21443.60435.000.5%1,005,7358.65 M SEK
9.2018-10-172018-10-17276.60278.300.5%1,005,735-1.71 M SEK
10.2018-10-022018-10-05280.60277.700.5%1,005,7352.92 M SEK
11.2018-08-292018-09-26277.30279.100.5%1,005,735-1.81 M SEK

Arjo BSum change: -43.12 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-10-152020-04-0241.3648.780.78%2,124,486-15.76 M SEK
2.2019-10-042019-10-1435.8441.360.82%2,233,434-12.33 M SEK
3.2019-07-092019-10-0342.3035.840.99%2,696,46317.42 M SEK
4.2019-07-032019-07-0843.2642.301.09%2,968,8332.85 M SEK
5.2019-05-092019-07-0235.2643.261.19%3,241,203-25.93 M SEK
6.2019-05-022019-05-0835.2035.261.21%3,295,677-0.20 M SEK
7.2019-02-042019-05-0132.6035.201.13%3,077,781-8.00 M SEK
8.2018-11-232019-02-0131.3532.601.09%2,968,833-3.71 M SEK
9.2018-07-132018-11-2232.2031.351.1%2,996,0702.55 M SEK

Getinge BSum change: -31.25 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-10-042019-10-25135.05155.200.51%1,296,175-26.12 M SEK
2.2019-09-202019-09-20141.05142.550.5%1,270,760-1.91 M SEK
3.2019-09-172019-09-18134.75141.800.5%1,270,760-8.96 M SEK
4.2019-09-132019-09-13131.55135.800.52%1,321,590-5.62 M SEK
5.2019-08-132019-09-12138.45131.550.6%1,524,91210.52 M SEK
6.2019-07-312019-08-12139.10138.450.5%1,270,7600.83 M SEK

SasSum change: 44.58 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-02-272019-02-2723.3623.420.51%37,056,803-2.23 M SEK
2.2019-02-222019-02-2623.4423.360.69%50,135,6754.02 M SEK
3.2019-02-152019-02-2123.8023.440.76%55,221,90319.88 M SEK
4.2019-02-012019-02-1424.1823.800.83%60,308,13022.91 M SEK

GrängesSum change: 10.89 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2019-02-222019-03-2697.3592.500.59%627,2233.04 M SEK
2.2019-02-122019-02-2193.7097.350.66%701,639-2.56 M SEK
3.2019-02-052019-02-1194.5593.700.79%839,8410.71 M SEK
4.2019-02-012019-02-0486.7594.550.84%892,996-6.97 M SEK
5.2019-01-112019-01-3180.4586.750.72%765,425-4.82 M SEK
6.2019-01-102019-01-1082.0080.450.61%648,4851.01 M SEK
7.2018-08-222019-01-09109.9082.000.52%552,80715.42 M SEK
8.2018-05-152018-08-21119.40109.900.5%531,5455.05 M SEK

BillerudkorsnäsSum change: 11.44 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2018-10-242018-10-30101.85104.900.58%1,199,852-3.66 M SEK
2.2018-10-172018-10-23106.20101.850.62%1,282,6005.58 M SEK
3.2018-10-112018-10-16115.40106.200.5%1,034,3559.52 M SEK