Bonesupport Holding - history

Country: Sweden. Ticker: BONEX.ST

Summary for all available positions:
Worldquant Llc earned 0.18 million SEK (full history)
Millennium International Management Lp earned 0.97 million SEK (full history)
Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd earned 0.26 million SEK (full history)

Total sum: 1.41 million SEK earned in 11 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2022-03-032022-03-100.5141.7041.00Worldquant Llc0.23 M SEK
2.2022-03-012022-03-010.540.0040.15Worldquant Llc-0.05 M SEK
3.2021-11-292021-11-290.7536.2036.00Millennium International Management Lp0.10 M SEK
4.2021-11-262021-11-260.6537.6536.20Millennium International Management Lp0.61 M SEK
5.2021-11-252021-11-250.5438.4037.65Millennium International Management Lp0.26 M SEK
6.2020-03-192020-05-080.9120.8034.60Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd-8.10 M SEK
7.2020-03-132020-03-181.0125.1020.80Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd2.80 M SEK
8.2020-03-092020-03-120.9132.3025.10Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd4.23 M SEK
9.2020-03-032020-03-060.7433.0032.30Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd0.33 M SEK
10.2020-02-272020-03-020.6235.5033.00Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd1.00 M SEK
11.2020-02-262020-02-260.5935.5035.50Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd0.00 M SEK

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