Newest shorted companies in Germany

List of companies which has gone from a zero percent short to a positive short.

# Company Short started Date Without short for
1.Saf-holland Se2 days ago2021-10-2198 days
2.Commerzbank Ag2 days ago2021-10-21240 days
3.Aurubis Ag2 days ago2021-10-21400 days
4.Sartorius Aktiengesellschaft2 days ago2021-10-21412 days
5.Aurelius Equity Opportunities Se & Co. Kgaa2 days ago2021-10-21236 days
6.Manz Ag5 days ago2021-10-1825 days
7.Deutsche Lufthansa Ag5 days ago2021-10-184 days
8.Corestate Capital Holding Sa10 days ago2021-10-139 days
9.Continental Aktiengesellschaft23 days ago2021-09-30290 days
10.Flatex Ag25 days ago2021-09-28401 days
11.Fresenius Medical Care Ag & Co. Kgaa36 days ago2021-09-171554 days
12.Hellofresh Se46 days ago2021-09-073 days
13.Thyssenkrupp Ag54 days ago2021-08-30140 days
14.Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- Und Medizintechnik Ag57 days ago2021-08-27252 days
15.Varta Ag67 days ago2021-08-175 days
16.Va-q-tec Ag73 days ago2021-08-11311 days
17.Ado Properties S.a74 days ago2021-08-10627 days
18.Bechtle Ag80 days ago2021-08-042 days
19.Onconova Therapeutics Inc144 days ago2021-06-01452 days
20.Teamviewer Ag151 days ago2021-05-2545 days
21.Itm Power Plc162 days ago2021-05-141974 days
22.Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag166 days ago2021-05-102 days
23.Stratec Se201 days ago2021-04-054 days
24.Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft220 days ago2021-03-1729 days
25.Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc268 days ago2021-01-281898 days
26.Auto Trader Group Plc278 days ago2021-01-181890 days
27.Whitbread Plc285 days ago2021-01-111885 days
28.Ds Smith Plc292 days ago2021-01-041880 days
29.Delivery Hero Se304 days ago2020-12-23162 days
30.Siltronic Ag467 days ago2020-07-135 days
31.Cyan Ag486 days ago2020-06-241 day
32.Groupon Inc487 days ago2020-06-232 days
33.Bauer Aktiengesellschaft492 days ago2020-06-181399 days
34.Evonik Industries Ag500 days ago2020-06-105 days
35.Sprott Inc.512 days ago2020-05-291724 days
36.New Work Se583 days ago2020-03-191673 days
37.Hugo Boss Ag598 days ago2020-03-047 days
38.Nemetschek Se606 days ago2020-02-251656 days
39.Bobst Group Sa647 days ago2020-01-155 days
40.Aroundtown Sa661 days ago2020-01-0169 days
41.Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft688 days ago2019-12-0546 days
42.Invesco Dwa Technology Momentum Etf710 days ago2019-11-131582 days
43.Invesco Db Agriculture Fund725 days ago2019-10-293 days
44.Tui Ag955 days ago2019-03-13424 days
45.Prosiebensat.1 Media Se962 days ago2019-03-0678 days
46.United Internet Ag1,018 days ago2019-01-09305 days
47.Cosmo Pharmaceuticals N.v1,054 days ago2018-12-041336 days
48.Grenke Ag1,075 days ago2018-11-1310 days
49.Heidelbergcement Ag1,095 days ago2018-10-248 days
50.Instone Real Estate Group Ag1,139 days ago2018-09-101275 days
51.Norma Group Se1,198 days ago2018-07-13208 days
52.Immofinanz Ag1,212 days ago2018-06-291224 days
53.Be Semiconductor Industries N.v1,230 days ago2018-06-111210 days
54.Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc1,250 days ago2018-05-221196 days
55.Optinose Inc1,257 days ago2018-05-151191 days
56.Boohoo Group Plc1,320 days ago2018-03-131146 days
57.Anaptysbio Inc1,369 days ago2018-01-231111 days
58.Aumann Ag1,464 days ago2017-10-201044 days
59.Encavis Ag1,509 days ago2017-09-05228 days
60.S&t Ag1,515 days ago2017-08-3030 days
61.Medigene Ag1,614 days ago2017-05-23113 days
62.Shop Apotheke Europe N.v1,718 days ago2017-02-08862 days
63.Evotec Se1,748 days ago2017-01-09129 days
64.Krones Ag1,797 days ago2016-11-2123 days
65.Freenet Ag1,874 days ago2016-09-0516 days
66.Ams Ag1,888 days ago2016-08-22740 days
67.Software Aktiengesellschaft2,020 days ago2016-04-1243 days
68.Leg Immobilien Ag2,025 days ago2016-04-0799 days
69.Gerresheimer Ag2,082 days ago2016-02-10258 days
70.Nordex Se2,153 days ago2015-12-0169 days
71.Zalando Se2,216 days ago2015-09-29506 days
72.Deutsche Euroshop Ag2,378 days ago2015-04-2033 days
73.Fraport Ag2,438 days ago2015-02-19237 days
74.Dürr Aktiengesellschaft2,462 days ago2015-01-26330 days
75.Morphosys Ag2,523 days ago2014-11-26137 days
76.Ceconomy Ag2,796 days ago2014-02-2689 days
77.Sma Solar Technology Ag2,812 days ago2014-02-1024 days
78.Drägerwerk Ag & Co. KgaaN/A*--
79.Bilfinger SeN/A*--
80.Qiagen N.vN/A*--
81.Alstria Office Reit-agN/A*--
82.Cancom SeN/A*--
83.Südzucker AgN/A*--
84.Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AktiengesellschaftN/A*--
85.Aixtron SeN/A*--
86.Elringklinger AgN/A*--
87.Salzgitter AgN/A*--
88.K+s AktiengesellschaftN/A*--
89.Leoni AgN/A*--
90.Klöckner & Co SeN/A*--

*Longer than available data.

Updated: 2021-10-22 18:55

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